Living Within Your Purpose

I decided to start blogging because there are so many people out here that are looking for information, advice, a listening ear, wondering if there is someone out there that can relate to the issues they are having. Sometimes, you would never know that there is a world full of people that are experiencing the same things you are going through. There are people out here who might be searching for answers to problems that you have already overcome and found a solution for. It’s not always healthy to bottle up your problems and thoughts. Keeping them inside could possibly cause more problems than letting them out or talking with someone. Maybe, just even starting a blog and writing about them. The world makes it seem as if having problems make you a bad person or your less than the next person. When in fact, everyone has problems of some sort. No one is better than you. No one can make you feel down about yourself. How someone may feel about you is their problem, not your’s. Loving yourself may be the first best thing you could do. And, you don’t need anyone help in doing that. Just be the best you that you can be and if someone doesn’t like it. Maybe that person does not belong in your life. All to often we allow the wrong people in our personal space. Get rid of anything that don’t bring you peace and happiness. Life is entirely too short for having a self made negative energy around. Allow those that uplift, inspire, motivate, and celebrate you to enjoy your life’s journey. Not everyone you meet is worthy of the title “friend.” That’s a huge title to give someone. Make sure they live up to the expectation. After all, life is precious and divine. Live the best way that you can by being the best you that you can be. Thanks for reading, Velma.


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